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SharePoint Training

Are you looking for top notch SharePoint training? Then you are in luck!

Our Philosophy
This isn’t your ordinary SharePoint training.  You will experience the same level of training that we give our SharePoint consultants internally - detailed, practical guidance that is applicable to real SharePoint farms.  We believe that, in most cases, one answer doesn’t always fit all situations, so we expose key decision points and the associated pros and cons with that choice.  This comes from years of experience with hundreds of SharePoint implementations for customers ranging from 14 users to tens of thousands of users, and every size and shape in-between.   Being at the forefront of SharePoint for many years has given SharePoint911 a unique perspective on the product, and we are excited to share that knowledge with you.
Our Materials
SharePoint911’s training is different from any other training you may have taken in the past.  What make us so unique?  The answer is perspective.  While most other training companies are dedicated only to training, we are primarily a SharePoint consulting company with over 400 different SharePoint clients.  When we create our course content, training slides, demonstrations, and labs, they are written from the perspective of real-world SharePoint implementations, not from an academic point of view.  While other training companies may offer SharePoint training, you can be assured that the training you receive from SharePoint911 will be immediately applicable to your real-world job - not just for the idealized environment of a training lab. 
And don’t worry - we’re not unique to creating this type of content.  As a team, SharePoint911 has authored more than 10 different SharePoint books, written numerous magazine articles and whitepapers, and created SharePoint training for some of the biggest companies in the world.  In addition, we have advised several other training companies on scope and content for their classes, and have authored or co-authored more than a dozen different training courses.  This isn’t our first rodeo with creating training material - the difference is that we have complete control over the content, so you know you’re getting only the best.
Our Instructors
We have a fantastic group of consultants who love to teach, which is apparent from our many appearances at SharePoint conferences and events.  Our consultants are frequently invited to present at many major SharePoint conferences and user group meetings around the globe.  Our passion shines through time and again, with our presentations often competing for or winning “best presentation” at many of the events we speak at.
And when it comes to SharePoint administration training, there is no one better in the industry than our team.  Shane Young and Todd Klindt have educated more SharePoint administrators than anyone else in the world.  In the SharePoint community, Shane and Todd are highly regarded as two of the most influential and authoritative individuals when it comes to SharePoint administration.  In fact, Shane and Todd presented more sessions than any other non-Microsoft speaker at the SharePoint Conference 2009 to announce the arrival of SharePoint 2010. They have even been invited back to speak at Microsoft’s TechEd conference, and once again have been tasked with conducting the entire day-long SharePoint pre-conference. 
As you can see, our instructors aren’t just your ordinary trainers.  We’re some of the best in the industry when it comes to tackling a SharePoint implementation or tricky troubleshooting question.  With our large client base, vast SharePoint experience, and extensive speaking and training engagements, it’s easy to see why we call ourselves “The SharePoint Authority!”
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